“On behalf of Behind the Bench, I would like to thank you for providing such a wonderful Spa Night for the Behind the Bench Conference.  It was just as i envisioned!

From the moment one walked through the doors, the environment was serene, warm, and inviting.  The treatment specialists were wonderful, as well.  The entire event was well-organized and professional.”

Lisa Johnson Smith



“Wellness Interactive, Inc. Health & Wellness conferences and workshop presentations has played an integral part in helping The Links raise awareness and provide preventive measures to combat these disparities.  An old proverb states that “He who has health, has hope and he who has hope, has everything.”  We are thankful that Wellness Interactive provides the Hope that translates into good health for our communities.”

Alma Dodd
National Program Coordinator



On behalf of myself and entire staff of The Steve Harvey Foundation, I would like to thank you for your support of The Steve Harvey Foundation Golf Tournament, May 12, 2008 at Bear’s Best Golf Course. The Wellness Lounge has a tremendous impact on tournament players and guests.”

Elisha Silvera
Executive Director

“On Behalf of JetSet Premier, I would like to thank you for providing us with great service during the Behind the Bench conference. We really appreciated your professionalism and diligence. Your team’s attention to detail is uncanny and very much appreciated.”
Jean Pierre Lake