—Founded in 2000, Wellness Interactive Inc.® promote, educate and enable all people to pursue a wellness lifestyle.

Wellness Interactive serves as a principal resource for corporations, organizations and professionals interested in developing and implementing educational and sustainable programs that promote wellness lifestyles. Its signature brand, the Wellness Lounge® is a premier model for companies and organizations seeking to educate employees and their respective constituencies about alternative health care approaches that inspire them to invest in a wellness lifestyle.  Wellness Interactive supports environmental wellness through its Something Healthy® brand of unique earth-friendly and biodegradable products.  Something Healthy® promotes products that help consumers and businesses contribute to a cleaner planet for future generations.

—WI specializes in the leading edge of wellness/integrative health – the combination of mainstream medical practices and complementary treatments.
  • Educational Platform
  • Wellness Special Events
  • Management and Consulting
  • Community Outreach Program
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Product Development
  • Green Store



Expertise  -   Experience  -   Flexibility

The combination of experience, flexibility, expertise and scope enables WI to deliver practical value to participants and immediate benefit to their organizations

  • —Range of wellness programs and events, educational workshops and training programs in wellness topics around the country for corporations and non-profit organizations
  • —Provides integrative wellness options with the combination of mainstream medical practices and complementary therapies
  • —Provide expertise with experts in the field of health, wellness and alternative therapies
  • —Provide and customize programs and services to meet specific client goals
  • —Add-on services to enhance the wellness experience (Organic treats and private label green products, etc.)
  • —Guest speakers, VIP reception
  • —Wellness Interactive offers an innovative platform
  • —Wellness Interactive events introduce new and exciting, sustainable products and services