Wellness Lounge® focuses on the organization’s commitment to enable its constituents to practice a wellness lifestyle.

The Wellness lounge® gives companies a unique platform to show their commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle among employees and clients.  It is an exclusive, relaxing retreat where employees and guests can experience a variety of introductory hands-on treatments and enjoy other wellness-themed presentations that inspire them to improve their overall well-being.

Wellness Interactive, Inc.® Customized Wellness Lounge®, an exclusive on-site retreat, where participants can experience a variety of complementary treatments

—Wellness Lounge® features:

  • Lounge Room:

    Hands-on treatments including Acupuncture, Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Ear Candling and Antioxidant Screening, all by professional therapists


  • Meeting Room:

  An open space accommodating light gourmet catering  and presentations


  • Library:

    Read and review information on nutrition, exercise, and the various complementary medicine treatments available. It will consist of books and magazine on health and healing


  • Something Healthy® Space:

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Wellness Lounge® Benefits

  • —The association with the Wellness Interactive, Inc.® brand demonstrates a commitment to promote a holistic approach to a wellness lifestyle through education.


  • •The degree of success of an organization is directly dependent on health and wellness of its members


  • •In sports, teams increase their chance of winning titles with training programs that reduce the incidence of injuries to key players


  • •In business ,companies achieve higher financial goals when their corporate cultures and policies promote, encourage and support a wellness lifestyle for all


  • •Wellness Lounge® will demonstrate your company’s commitments to enhancing the benefits of promoting a holistic approach to a wellness lifestyle