Living Therapy Consultants — Key to Productivity and Profitability

Wellness Interactive’s Corporate Solutions help companies of all sizes invest in a wellness lifestyle that delivers a higher level of productivity and profitability.

With a corporate culture committed to wellness, your business can reap the benefits of:

  • Wellness in the Workplace™program: focuses on education and empowerment. Using modular content that can be offered in single or multiple sessions, on general and specific topics, on and off site, to all levels of employees.


  • Consultative Services: focus on improving the productivity of employees and minimizing costs for the enterprise. Recommendations will incorporate a statistical analysis of “organizational wellness,” e.g., sick days, turnover, insurance claims, etc.; are integrated with a company’s existing employee benefit and communication programs; and are designed to be measured on their results.


  • Wellness Lounge™: focuses on the organization’s commitment to enabling its employees to practice a wellness lifestyle. With a stress free zone, the Wellness Lounge is a haven for quiet contemplation. WI provides turnkey and/or advisory services for design, installation and management of the Wellness Lounge.